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TSXAlerts was established in May 2012 to supplement paid subscribers of MicroCap.com and Ticker Trax (published on Monday by Stockhouse.com). MicroCap subscribers receive email throughout the week.

Although these alerts provide "short term trade" (a few days to a few weeks) insight for our subscribers, the general public benefits from the extra set of eyes and ears. As we build confidence and trust with free users, it is our hope they decide to give our paid newsletter a try for the year (cost is only $11 per month). 

Since March 2011 the environment for MicroCap or Penny Stocks (across all sectors) has been one of the most challenging we have seen in two decades.

This new environment creates many challenges and opportunities for investors who love the speculative nature of these stocks. While the core foundation of MicroCap and Ticker Trax is identifying fundamentally strong "bottom fishing" opportunities, we also share a passion for
shorter term trades.

I continually monitor Canadian news releases throughout the day AND track several hundred companies from our own research, other newsletters, analysts, and the media. I watch for abnormal price and volume activity. The objective is to watch for shifts in trend that may create shorter term opportunities to make money.

This can be a very risky approach when markets are volatile or weak, but if you have enough experience you can profit from the information or know when to cut losses. We are not here to provide investment advice or buy and sell recommendations. Rather to make readers aware of a potential shift in trend or possible news that could attract buying.

Our focus is micro and smallcap companies on the TSX and TSX Venture (TSX.V). An initial "Heads Up" will be posted to our Stockhouse and Twitter pages - it is then the readers responsibility to follow up.

We use the Stockhouse Bullboard so more detail can be provided as Twitter severely limits text space. Twitter however provides a rapid and Free delivery system that everyone has easy access to. A huge percentage of what Twitter is used for seems pointless, but utilizing it for "Alerts" is very beneficial - and hopefully financially rewarding. 

Our paid subscribers to MicroCap.com or Stockhouse Ticker Trax receive separate comprehensive research that discusses the markets and targets strong growth opportunities we see in companies over a period of three to twelve months... This TSXAlert service is purely for the Vegas Account.

Questions and Comments:
Danny Deadlock - microcap@gmail.com 

Note for American Residents:

If you are interested in trading Canadian Equities on the TSX or TSX.V, the common feedback we receive is that ETrade is the best alternative. They are able to buy directly on the Canadian Exchange and commission is in the range of $20. When buying these stocks from the U.S. or overseas, we strongly advise against buying through the OTC or Pink Sheets as liquidity is poor and volatile is extreme.

We have no affiliation with ETrade and they have not paid any fees for this endorsement, we simply have not heard positive feedback from other online brokers and it can be very frustrating for American residents.


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